Big Brother host Sonia Kruger, reigning champion Tim Dormer and producer Alex Mauroidakis spilled some secrets about the latest season in Brisbane today.

In some cases it’s frowned upon to lock up strangers and torture them for pleasure while you watch on gleefully, but thankfully not in the land of TV.

It was with this in mind that I headed to the Loft West End today to hang out with Big Brother Host Sonia Kruger, 2013 winner Tim Dormer and producer and head honcho Alex Mauroidakis. It was over a glass of tasty Sav Blanc and a few tasty treats that I found out what’s in store for the 2014 housemates (I also found out the good people of South East Queensland watch Big Brother more than anywhere else — nobody can say we’re not high achievers).

Here’s what you need to know about Big Brother 2014

The first big bombs will be dropped this Monday night

A world first twist will be put into motion during Monday night’s opening night show. One of the big reveals is to do with money and according to the BB team it will play with the housemate’s heads.

Nominations just got a lot more stressful

Nominations will now be done straight after evictions, meaning housemates will be kept up to the early hours of the mourning while deciding who they’d like to nominate as tribute. Between lack of sleep and the stress of watching someone leave we’re hoping for some juicy nominations.

There will be a hierarchy

Each week there will be a house leader who will hold the ultimate power, and it’s the viewers who get to select that person. The house leader will run the house budget and do the shopping, which will probably cause a lot of problems as everyone will be shouting out what they want and obviously in the Big Brother house there’s no paper for them to write anything down. There will also be a new Sunday night show that will chronicle the changing of the guard as a new house leader is elected.

Family and friends will play a bigger role

There will also be a new show on Monday night’s where host Sonia Kruger will talk to contestants families about the house drama. Psychologists will also be brought on to chat if things get a little too real.

A magician is among the housemates

Lawson is one of the 2014 crop of housemates and he’s a magician who enjoys slight of hand and making things disappear. Producer Alex says “he’s the nicest guy in the house, but his magic tricks suck”.

The house alreday has an unfortunate image

The new Big Brother house has been described as “retro glam with a touch of old Hollywood glamour”. During one of the first tours of the house somebody remarked that it looked like it was made for the Golden Girls. A term the network doesn’t want to stick.

There’s something wrong with the pool


According to Tim the house has a giant Perspex shoe like object in the middle of the pool. He wants to know what that’s all about but Alex says we’ll have to wait until Monday night. The idea of a shark tank is thrown around.

One of the housemates already has a bad reputation

Speaking of Tim, it turns out he has a pre-existing relationship with one of the new housemates…..well, not so much a relationship and more like they almost came to blows during last year’s auditions. Gemma Kinghorn from Western Australia was paired with Tim in a speed dating round and when he made some rather awkward comments about her fiery red hair she let him have it. Tim says he narrowly avoided a slap. The six-foot-six lady also had an altercation with a fellow contestant at this year’s auditions so expect so drama from her.

Queenslanders will play a big role.

There will be three and a half Queensland housemates in the show. During today’s event there was great excitement over how half a person was going to make their way around the Big Brother house (surely that would make them too easy a target?) But it turns out the housemate has simply relocated from Queensland to New South Wales since being cast. The majority of the housemates are single but there is one married person, one divorced person, two in a relationships and one gay person.

Big Brother will air on Monday night on Channel Nine.