“You say it best when you say nothing at all” — a lovely song that came to mind after Brisbane’s demolition of Newcastle.

There had been understandable speculation in the media that The Broncos’ clash with The Knights would take on added significance given that Broncos coach Anthony Griffin was up against the man who will replace him next year, Wayne Bennett.

Players and coaches, as expected, denied that the subject had been talked about. It was just another game both sides need to win. Sure.

At one level they were speaking the truth — rival coaches are never talked about (at training, anyway) and professional teams should be in the business of trying to win every game, regardless of who they are playing.

But it would be fanciful to think Griffin and his team didn’t take an extra measure of pleasure in winning as convincingly as they did. Words were not necessary to describe what many at the club were feeling — and the reasons why.

One, because of the impressive way they played. Two, because it was against a Wayne Bennett coached team. And three, because Wayne is returning to Brisbane next year and Anthony will be looking elsewhere.

It is point three that should send warning bells.

Be clear about Wayne’s return to Red Hill. Several senior ( and junior) players along with a sizeable section of loyal and vocal fans are far from happy about what has unfolded in recent times.

This was reflected in the added delight on Saturday night.

Meantime, with the finals approaching, the ultimate winner still looks hard to find. The Roosters signalled against the Warriors they are once again the team to beat. The Cowboys are realising their huge potential and Manly, Souths and Melbourne all have claims.

Oh, and don’t write off the Broncos. The fight for the semis is tight but they’re a good team.

Well coached,too.