Find out what happened when Annabelle Brett discovered a new dating app that’s starting to take hold of Brisbane.

Have you ever passed somebody attractive on the street but were too afraid to stop and introduce yourself? You’re probably now living in a world of regret.

Or maybe our dependence on social media has got you believing physical flirtation is so 2006? Either way, the French (those old romantics) have developed a new dating app called Happn to salvage these everyday missed opportunities.

The way it works is that two Happn members pass physically on the street, in a bar, on a train or at a party and are then notified of each other’s profiles. Both people must have Happn accounts, however, to instigate a connection.

Much like the popular dating app Tinder it uses profiles generated from Facebook with interests and mutual friends as points of common ground.  From there you have the opportunity to “like” each other, and if it’s mutual, a conversation or “crush” begins. I downloaded the app last night after a friend suggested it and I was pleasantly surprised to see my first “crossed-path” pop up on my phone while at the gym this morning.

However, it wasn’t the start of a modern day love story. When it came to gym guy and me, I chose not to proceed with a “like” or ”charm” and will leave my Happn-ing activity to a more attractive time of the day.

If the likes are not mutual, all is not lost. You can take the process a step further by sending your potential crush a charm to really get the ball rolling (or just to be a bit of a persistent creep). The entire courting process all takes part from the relative safety of your smartphone.

The app, launched by three French designers and web engineers earlier this year, has already taken off all over Europe. There are now more than 350,000 users spread throughout London and Berlin. It’s estimated more than 10 million people have jumped on Tinder, so it’s obvious that these location-based dating apps are more than just a fad. They are the future of dating.

But what about the risks? For your personal security the Happn website insists that your position is never saved and remains invisible to other users. Only the vague position where you crossed paths is published.

If there’s a particularly unpleasant Romeo giving you unwanted attention it’s important to know that you can block users so that they will no longer be able to know your location or match with you again.

Not particularly helpful, however, if said blocked user knows your name and you were spotted outside your place of work or even your home.

The love game has certainly got a lot of new rules in play.

Gone are the days of creating humiliating viral Youtube campaigns to confess your love for that guy who left his jacket in the café. It’s also a little disheartening to know Oprah won’t need to get the number of that girl on the train you were too afraid to talk to.

It may also help you overcome your fear of a Catfish-style online dating experience, where 24-year old bubbly blonde Tiffany turns up to dinner as 48-year old Craig.

So forget Tinder and let’s show our parents that we are once again semi-capable of actual physical interactions with people. Or just join so that me and gym guy are not the only members in the Greater Brisbane area.

Let’s make it Happn, Brisbane!