Everybody is getting naked in Brisbane and you can too.

Nudism has been on this earth since Adam and Eve hightailed it out of the Garden of Eden, yet it still gets a pretty bad rap in modern society.

Brisbane has a thriving nudist and naturism community, with a number of groups and organisations dedicated to keeping the nudist spirit alive through a series of events and get-togethers.

Unfortunately, it can be hard for them to find areas in which to practice nudism unless they stay on private property. There are no legal nude beaches in Queensland and a recent move to legalise them was blocked by the Queensland Government because of a fear of deviants who may be attracted to such a beach.Of course, the illegality of nude bathing doesn’t stop many people from partaking in this liberating experience.

According to the Free Beach Association of QLD (FBA), a Queensland member-based organisation who lobbies the Queensland government to allow for ‘clothes optional’ beaches in Queensland, there are a number of locations which are known for their unofficial status as a location to shed your garb, but beware, as it is an illegal practice and police do fine nude people on these beaches.

Brisbane nudist activist Dario Western is no stranger to taking his clothes off. Western has organised the World Naked Bike Ride in Brisbane five times, runs the Brisbane Naturists group and has even starred in Brisbane grunge band Violent Soho’s video clip for In The Aisle, where he rides a bike around Brisbane in his birthday suit, much to the surprise and delight of onlookers.


Dario Western in the Violent Soho film clip

“Nudism and  naturism is not something I was raised with,” Western says. “For me, it all started when I was eight and I watched a documentary called Go Naked which was about nudist villages in France and the UK and I thought it was great and so interesting.

“I went to my first nudist event when I was 19, it was a naked swim party at The Gap and I was really impressed with how everybody behaved and how freeing it was.

“I’ve never had a problem telling people I’m a nudist, it’s never been a secret. It just feels better, it’s more freeing when you’re swimming or playing sport.

“To anybody who’s thinking about getting involved with nudism and naturism I would say YOLO, you only live once.”

Click through the gallery above to see Brisbane’s nudist hotspots. 

Are you a nudist? Would you ever be willing to give it a go? Let us know in the comments below.