Meet little Heath Beverly Nguyen, affectionately known as “the Costco baby”.

Heath’s mum, Marissa Edwards, was shopping at Costco North Lakes on Tuesday 8 July when she noticed something was amiss.

“So while shopping at Costco North Lakes for the first time yesterday I felt some pretty strong labour pains,” Marissa posted to Costco fan page Costco in Brisbane Australia (aka SEQ Costco Geeks), “but I was not going to stop shopping and didn’t… I live over an hour away, I didn’t know when I’d have time to come back.

“Well, tonight I’ve found out I’m 3cm dilated and I was in labour.”

As it turns out, Marissa didn’t need to be in a hurry — Heath took her sweet time coming, and was finally born at 2:30pm on Sunday 13 July.

Marissa kept the fan page updated thoughout the process, both on her way to hospital (“COSTCO BABY IS COMING ON MY WAY TO HOSPITAL NOW”) and afterwards (“actually it was a very easy labour; I started feeling sick and started throwing up and bam she was out”), and gave us her blessing to share her posts here.

Both mum and bub are doing well. Considering her Costco origins, we were expecting Heath to come in bulk, but the 52cm bundle of joy actually weighs in at an average eight pounds and half an ounce (3.63kg).

The countdown to a baby actually being born on the Costco North Lakes shop floor begins now…

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