Bonnie Anderson dropped by for a chat about her new single, ‘Blackout’.

The little girl that won the hearts of the nation in the first season of Australia’s Got Talent has grown up a lot in the last eight years.

“The journey’s been incredible,” she says. “It’s been a lot of hard work, a lot of learning and experiencing. I took time to be a kid and grow up, learn my craft and earn my stripes.”

Anderson took a different route to most contest-show winners, turning down record and management deals on the advice of family and industry experts.

“Knowing what to do at the age of 12 was hard,” she says. “Even for writing songs it was good for me to live life a little bit more. I was 12, what was I going to write about – my pony in the back paddock?”

The new track Blackout was the result of a song-writing stint in LA and collaboration with renowned producer RedOne.

“It’s such an inspiring and motivating place to be, Los Angeles,” says Anderson. “Most people are there to go for their goals, they’re striving for something, and it’s really motivating and uplifting.”

Anderson says she’s excited for her fans to see a different side of her.

“This is really fun for me, especially with the clip – taking on those different personas that reflect different aspects of my personality, it was like a performance video,” she says. “My favourite part of shooting was the very dominant, powerful part where I was driving the train in the latex – it’s been spoken about a lot, the latex! It was fun and very fierce.”