A series of Brisbane ladies share their online dating experiences — everything from the good, to the bad, to the very very ugly.

Online dating: everybody’s doing it, but nobody really talks about it.

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Over time the stigma surrounding people who boot up their computers looking for romance has been slowly slipping away, but that doesn’t mean online dating is quite ready to come out of the closet. From mainstream dating websites such as RSVP, Plenty of Fish and Oasis, to phone apps like Tinder and sites specially designed for Christians and over-50s, it seems like no stone has been left unturned when it comes to matching up potential partners. These websites have now become so specific that you can now search your potential Romeo by height, religion and most importantly, favourite TV shows.


Diary Of An Online Dater blogger Barbara

If you’re particularly lazy, you can even search them by distance and look for your next squeeze in your own apartment block. Soon we’ll be able to order them up like pizza, extra on the cute smile but no smokers please.

On Saturday night Brisbane venues are teaming with couples rendezvousing for the first time after befriending each other online, but what really goes on in the world of online dating and hookups?

In order to blow the lid off the stigma surrounding online dating, Brisbane women Barbara , 33, has been chronicling her dating adventures via her blog Diary of an Online Dater.

“I wasn’t having much success meeting a guy in the ‘real world’ and had been thinking about joining one of the free online dating sites for a few months,”she says.”It wasn’t until I started a new job in Brisbane did I think I was ready to enter the big bad world of online dating.

“I’ve met some really nice guys that just weren’t for me but I’ve also had some pretty shocking dates. Some of the things these guys tell you when you haven’t even met in person is unbelievable. People aren’t backwards in coming forwards. Just one example, I met up with a guy who has a massive sex drive and is always horny.

“But hands down my worst date was with a chef who decided to have a ‘night time’ date with me instead of his usual breakfast catch up because he believed I wouldn’t try to sleep with him on the first date. It wasn’t unusual for him to end up in bed with a girl at 10am, apparently. He tells me he’s addicted to sex. I told him I wouldn’t be doing that, no matter what time of day.

“During our date the insults kept coming: he told me I wasn’t a white picket fence girl. He didn’t want to waste three years on me and wake up one day and decide I wasn’t “the one”. He had a big problem with me not liking Japanese food and he said he never would have dated me in his 20s because he didn’t like blondes.

“The only upside was that he paid for a very nice dinner and drinks. When we parted he asked if we could still be friends, I said I didn’t join an online dating site to make “friends”.”

While not every date leads to a romantic moonlight kiss or even the promise of a second date, Barbara is still optimistic about the online dating world and at the very least she’s got some great stories to tell.

“I started blogging because I thought I mustn’t be the only one experiencing these sometimes awkward date experiences and wanted to share them,” she says.”I figured once I could laugh about it, I could write about it. Otherwise I feared I would become bitter and twisted and never meet anyone. I try to keep an open mind about the guys I meet. Sure, they may not be for me but I do believe I will meet a nice guy who treats me right. At the very least, these bad date experiences provide plenty of fodder for my blog!

“I get really annoyed when people keep telling me make sure to make sure I’m safe and don’t put myself in a bad situation. Online dating is like dating in the real world, the only difference is how you meet thc78b348a508be7809103093d1d8b53c3e person. When you go on a date you usually tell a few people who you are meeting, where, when and you may even text a friend to tell them you’re home. These are the usual steps to follow and it’s no different for an online date. In fact, you probably know more about the guy than you would to the one you gave your number to at 2am in the Valley…..

“My advice to anyone thinking about trying online dating is to give it a go! It will give you a chance to meet new people and perhaps even find renewed self-confidence. Who doesn’t like getting dressed up for a date?! At the worst, you’ve spent a few hours with a guy who has (usually) paid for dinner and drinks.”

Click through the gallery above to read online dating stories from around Brisbane.

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