Here’s what to do if somebody threatens your safety on public transport.

This week we were once again rocked by news of yet another public transport outburst.

It’s not the first time and unfortunately it won’t be the last. This time the incident revolved around 55-year-old Karen Bailey being filmed by commuters verbally abusing a group of boys and an Asian woman on a Central Coast train on Wednesday afternoon.

Police Transport Command Assistant Commissioner Max Mitchell told media the woman could be charged with offensive conduct and that this type of behavior was totally unacceptable and will be thoroughly investigated.Unfortunately for many of us, violent, angry and offensive tirades from unruly fellow passengers is not an anomaly and for most commuters not catching public transport is not a viable option.

So what do you if you find yourself in a similar position?

Alert a Senior Network Officer 

When you feel unsafe on public transport, your first port of call should be to alert a Senior Network Officer. TransLink Transit Officers and Senior Network Officers patrol the network on buses, trains, ferries and trams. They’re dedicated to upholding safety and security on the network. They have the authority to issue on the spot fines for behaviour offences and remove persons who are deemed to be a nuisance or a danger to fellow passengers.

Know where to find the help phones and buttons

Help phones and buttons are located on busway station platforms, inside all trains, at train stations in the core safety zone and inside the University of Queensland terminal.

Acknowledge the safety officers 

Busway safety officers patrol busways 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Designated train services and train carriages are patrolled by guards, and staff are accessible on all citycats and ferries if you have any concerns.It’s always a good idea that when you board public transport who familiarize yourself with who the safety officers are.

Get to a safety zone

Core safety zones are designated areas at train stations. This area has enhanced lighting and emergency phones, these areas are clearly marked with a blue and white striped line behind the yellow safety line.

Know when to smile when you’re on camera

Security cameras and closed-circuit televisions are located at busway stations and on all City Cats. They also monitor all trains and stations.

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