Three women with an impressive history in fashion have launched a unique gym gear line, writes Laura Stead-Churchill.

Recent Brisbane expat Libby Amelia knows the ins and outs of luxury retail, and has turned that experience into a burgeoning activewear business aimed at the growing number of women who look to their gym gear to take them to the street.

Former general manager of the recently closed luxury retailer the Jean Brown Group, Libby and sister Lauren with US-based friend Leah developed OUT – an activewear label with a decidedly fashion spin over a 12-month period, opening in Newport Beach, California before launching the business in Brisbane last month.

The trio also has individual experience with beauty giant Sephora. They identified a gap between fashion and fitness and sought to create a true fashion-focused workout range.

“Our experience in luxury has played a pivotal role in the creation of our product and our brand,” says Libby.

“We all worked for Sephora for a number of years and were constantly surprised by the number of innovations in beauty. When we talked about fashion however, we noticed that the same innovation in fabrics and uses was not so obvious.

“In fact, the high-street trend has arguably created a shift away from focus on fabrics and construction,” she says.

“We all enjoy keeping fit and healthy, however for some reason, fashion and fitness were viewed as mutually exclusive. We wanted to change that.”

Former brand manager for the hugely successful Lorna Jane business, Libby also had her focus set on differentiating OUT from the current fashion fitness offering.

“For a long time women in Brisbane have become accustomed to wearing activewear outside the gym,” she says.

“What we wanted to stop however was the apologies. Many times we have heard women confess ‘so sorry about the gym attire’. We care about our fitness and have always had a penchant for fashion and beauty given our backgrounds, however the garb currently available on the market certainly wasn’t able to deliver what we were looking for.

“We also wanted to hit the gym in items sans the motivational motif and lime green detail. We wanted to stand out and show women it is okay to be sexy.”

Trading in Australia as online store, OUT is also stocked in Fred Segal in the USA.