You’ll know him best from Home and Away and House Husbands but Tim Campbell’s high school years were far from theatrical.

Tim Campbell

Tim Campbell

It would best hard to scroll through a list of Australian dramas and not have your eyes assaulted by Tim Campbell’s name.

He first came to our attention as Dan Baker on Seven’s Home and Away and more recently took over the small screen in Channel 9’s House Husbands. In between these roles he’s also appeared in Sea Patrol, White Collar Blue , Always Greener, McLeods Daughters, Police Rescue, Water Rats, Amercian series Beast Master and The Lost World and in movies Dynasty Behind The Scenes and The Great Raid. On the musical front, he’s taken to the stage with roles in Wicked, Shout! and Rent.

Over the years he’s clocked up quite the resume and fan base with his acting and musical chops, even prompting the great Bert Newton to say ‘Tim Campbell reminds me of myself more than anyone else at that age’. But despite the glowing endorsements, the young Campbell never saw himself taking to the stage.

“I was into sport a lot more than performing and I didn’t grow up in that world of acting or anything like that,” he says.”I was all about sports. I remember a lot of other students really hated the swimming carnival and really hated sports days, but to me they were just more days off school to have fun and have a laugh.

“I was a bit of lazy academic, I didn’t read a lot of books and I just took things as they came. I didn’t do any high school drama classes or anything, I mean my whole family are all from a finance and accounting background.”

It all changed, however, just before Campbell left high school when he discovered his voice and a love for the stage.

“In our school you either played in the band or you were a dancer and I definitely wasn’t a dancer,” he laughs. “So our school had a variety night and I did some little sketches between the routines and then I got into a drama ensemble and just started working from there.

“I feel like I’ve been lucky enough to try everything but my real background is TV drama.  At the moment I’m doing a lot of music but in the past I’ve been more of an actor, but I don’t want to choose just one and thankfully I won’t have to.”

Now Campbell is set to relive his high school days and he’s asking the rest of us to come along for the ride. His debut album High School Disco has recently been released through ABC and Universal Music and his stage show of the same name is set to land in Brisbane in July.

“It’s all the songs you loved from the ’70s and ’80s,” Campbell says. “Music works best when people can really relate to it and when they can say ‘oh, I remember this’. It’s all about having fun and we take the mickey out of ourselves a little bit with hair styles and clothes so we can all look at ourselves and say ‘how old are we now?’. But it’s all about fun and I want people up dancing.

“I’ve put the call out to audience members to post song requests and photos of themselves at high school on my Facebook page and I’ll use them during the show. I always went to my high school discos and I want it to feel like that, I’m hoping people will come along with their school friends and have a bit of a reunion.

“Just a word of warning, if you are going to wear high heels bring a pair of thongs. Because there will be dancing.”

High School Disco will play at Kedron Wavell Services Club on 11 July. For more information see .