Naomi Price takes a wrecking ball to Brisbane Powerhouse.

We’ve seen her twerking on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards and swinging naked on a wrecking ball in the world’s most watched Youtube clip but now you’re about to see Miley Cyrus as you’ve never seen her before, on stage at the Brisbane Powerhouse in a raucous cabaret act detailing her own life.

Of course it’s not the real Miley, she’s currently roaming the globe on her controversial Bangerz tour, but once you catch sight of Naomi Price in her Mileyesque stage ensemble belting out one of the star’s hits you’d be forgiven for making the mistake. Wrecking Ball is the follow up to Price’s Matilda Award winning Rumour Has It: Sixty Minutes Inside Adele and will premiere at the Brisbane Powerhouse this month.

In recent times Cyrus has become a tabloid and internet phenomenon, polarising her listeners and drawing legions of fans and haters around her in equal measure, and nobody understands the initial dislike better than her portrayer Price.

“I can’t say I’ve always been a fan of Miley,” admits the well-known Brisbane stage star. “It has certainly been an eye opening experience following her on Instagram and social media. I wasn’t a fan to begin with but I find her really endearing now. She’s very smart and I’ve definitely warmed to her over time.

“Her performance at the VMAs with Robin Thicke was the most tweeted about musical performance ever, she managed to get the attention of the world.

“I don’t think you’ll find anyone who’s indifferent to her and even people who don’t like her will still want to see the show. Miley herself said it best when she said ‘haters are always going to hate but then haters are always going to watch my videos just so they can hate on me, so you’re still helping me break records’. I find that really interesting.

“Being inside her head for the role has been kind of twisted, she’s a bit of a loose cannon so it’s a big departure from playing someone as down to earth as Adele. Getting inside Miley’s head is like getting inside a tornado. She’s wild, impulsive, confident and self-assured, all the things we wish we were.”

Wrecking Ball has been billed as the ultimate coming-of-age party and Price promises an eclectic mix of songs from both Cyrus and other well-know divas.

“We’ll have Miley songs in there, including the infamous Wrecking Ball from which the show is named,” says Price. “Then we’ve got a selection of country songs from performers like Dolly Parton, who is Miley’s godmother, Miranda Lambert and The Pistol Annies. It’s a bit like a hoe down.”

Price may have found being inside Miley’s head a little chaotic but she also discovered that getting her body in shape for the role brought on a new world of pain.

“I had to go to the gym for the first time in my life, it was hell on earth,” she says bluntly. “It was one of the most awful, boring things I’ve ever done but it’s changed my life. I was a total naysayer before, I thought to myself ‘I’m never going to take photos of myself after a workout or buy a protein shake, that’s for wankers’ . But since changing a lot of my eating habits, I’ve got to a place where I’ve really overhauled my whole lifestyle and I can be really proud of my efforts. It’s all thanks to my trainer Mark at Function Well Gym in Tenerife.

“I’m 30 years old and I’ve never been to the gym before, I thought ‘screw that, I like eating and drinking way too much’ but it’s been a really positive change for me.”

Wrecking Ball will play at the Brisbane Powerhouse from Wednesday 28 May to Saturday 31 May. For bookings visit .