Christine Anu’s new song is set to the rhythm of Brisbane hearts and is raising much needed funds for Heart Research Australia.

ARIA award winning songstress Christine Anu has spent the past few months traveling across Australia, gathering heartbeats, all in the name of health.

The heartbeats provide the thumping rhythm in her newly released track Beat of Your Heart. The song is part of a fundraising initiative for heart research, urging Aussies to reconnect with their hearts and in doing so maintain low cholesterol levels.Anu collaborated with Heart Research Australia and Metamucil to develop unique, interactive heart shaped pods that were positioned around Australia, including Brisbane’s South Bank and Westfield Chermside, to collect people’s heartbeats to use in the track.

“With these devices people could come along and put their finger on it and it would record their heartbeat and play it back as a song,” Anu says. “Beat of Your Heart is actually an existing song from my back catalogue and adding in the heartbeats we collected from across Australia has given it new life. Being able to go in to the recording studio and listen to Australia’s heartbeats and re-create one of my favourite songs has been such a great experience. And it’s all been in the name of heart research.”

Besides wanting to support a good cause Anu admits she also had personal reasons for taking on the hearty project.

“Some time ago I was in a play and two weeks into the season the actress who played my daughter lost her mother to heart disease. It was very sudden and a great shock as she was a very young women,” Anu says. “I asked her if I could share her story and she said yes.All she wanted to do was to bring awareness to heart disease after the loss of her mother.

“I also took on this project because in the last few years I have become very aware of my own health. In 2011 I decided I would up-the-anti and lose some weight.When I went to the doctors for a check-up I discovered I was knocking on the door of all sorts of things. One of the problems was my cholesterol levels and I realised my health was something I really needed to stay on top of, especially because I have kids. I want to teach them that regardless of what we do in our lives health needs to be a priority and you shouldn’t take things like your heart for granted.”

Beat of Your Heart is now available for download via iTunes, with net proceeds raised by Metamucil going to Heart Research Australia to fund vital heart research.  To download the track visit  .