2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the one of the most memorable music tours in Australia’s history.

Fifty years ago, The Beatles made their only tour of Australasia.

Now the world’s premier Beatlemania tribute band, The Fabulous Beatle Boys, are recreating that experience by following the same set list, outfits, instrument use and tour route of the famous 1964 trip.

Chris Frazer, or The Beatle Boys’ John Lennon, says it’s the ultimate privilege to be able to recreate the tour exactly as it took place.

“When I’m standing on stage, I can’t see my own face. From my perspective, I get to be John Lennon and it’s such a privilege,” says Frazer.

“If anyone has ever considering seeing a Beatles tribute, the 50th anniversary tour is the most exciting thing that we’ve ever done and we intend to make it into something memorable enough for the next 50 years.”

For Frazer, acting as Lennon is an ‘obsession’ which has taken years of training to master.

“I’ve always been a Beatles fan; one of my earliest memories is singling along to The Octopus’ Garden as a four-year-old.”

“Anyone who also loves The Beatles has that fascination of what it would be like to be in their shoes. I guess I wondered a bit harder.

“Back when I started being Lennon, we got The Beatles Anthology on DVD – I think I’ve watched that 12-hour doco like 40 or 50 times now, and everytime it’s coming to an end I feel emotional. It’s a complete journey from their perspective.”

The 50th Anniversary tour will trek to the same venues on the same dates as the original: from Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney to New Zealand and back to Brisbane.

“Our task is to give people an opportunity to experience The Beatles live, whether they were there at the shows back in the day or even if they just wondered what it was like.”

“We intend to tap into that magic that made the world go crazy.”

Frazer says that as he’s grown musically and trained as an actor and musician, his love for The Beatles has only even grown.

“The Beatles had a unique experience in time, especially the way that the world embraced them – and still embraces them.”

“Even now, a day doesn’t goes by without me listening to a couple of Beatles tracks and listening to the nuances and guitar tones of their songs.”

If you share Frazer’s love for The Beatles, book your tickets at The Beatle Boys website.


Friday 13 June – Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide

Saturday 14 June – Festival Hall, Melbourne

Saturday 21 June – State Theatre, Sydney

Tuesday 24 June – Christchurch Casino, Christchurch, NZ

Wednesday 25 June – Dunedin Town Hall, Dunedin, NZ

Thursday 26 June – St James Theatre, Wellington, NZ

Friday 27 June – Auckland Town Hall, Auckland, NZ

Saturday 28 June – Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Brisbane

Saturday 5 July – The Astor Theatre, Perth