Wondering where to steer clear of after dark? We’ve done the digging and come up with the ten most dangerous areas in Brisbane.

Inner city

1. The Valley nightclub district

Anyone walking home after a few drinks in any Valley nightclub knows not to wander down dark lane ways and to keep vigilant around Brunswick Street Station. Queensland Police Union president Ian Leavers has said the Valley is a small step away from being a ‘no-go zone’.

“Parents are worried sick and they have good cause to be,” he said. “I doubt that there is anywhere more dangerous in Queensland than Fortitude Valley…at 4am on a Sunday morning.”

2. Edward Street, CBD

A thoroughfare between the city’s busiest bars, it’s no surprise crimemap.info shows thousands of crimes are committed along this street in Brisbane’s CBD.

3. Clem Jones Promenade, South Bank

Fancy a night stroll along the boardwalk at South Bank? Perhaps you might want to think again, with thousands of thefts and drug crimes occurring on this isolated stretch.


Spring Hill is a crime hotspot due to its proximity to the city, but Boundary Street in particular is plagued by drug offences, theft and unlawful entry crimes – steer clear!

5. Roma Street, CBD

Drug offences, assault and robberies have all occurred in the dark and isolated areas around Roma Street Parklands, from the well-lit street outside the train station to the darkness of Wickham Park just above Albert Street. Steer clear during dark and if possible, walk through with others.

Suburbs and surrounds


The coffee shops and bars might be hip and trendy, but there’s nothing cool about theft, assault or disruption of the peace. Despite the scarcity of cabs or parking spots, risking a walk to the nearby Cultural Centre bus station alone at night might be more trouble than it’s worth.

2. Caboolture Train Station, Caboolture

If you frequent Caboolture train station you might want to take up self-defense classes, with approximately ten cases of assault reported in the vicinity over the last year. Add to that the high rates of theft and property damage and you’ve got a station where you really won’t want to leave your car and ‘park and ride’…

3. Ewing Road, Logan Central

While Woodridge train station has a fair amount of criminal activity, the real spike for the suburb is along Ewing Road where approximately 89 cases of assault, robbery, unlawful entry, property damage or unlawful use of a motor vehicle have occurred.

4. Acacia Ridge Park, Acacia Ridge

From Elizabeth Street to Mortimer Road you’ll find thefts, assaults, drug offences and unlawful entry crimes – a patch of the neighbourhood you might want to avoid after dark.

5. Buckland Road, Nundah

From Albert Bishop Park to Sandgate Road, the crims in Nundah are violating drug laws and good order. Keep valuables secure and lock up houses properly to avoid theft and break-ins.

What do you think are Brisbane’s most dangerous areas? Let us know!

Data mined from Queensland Police Service Crime Statistics.