Brisbane Broncos star Sam Thaiday gave blood this week, in hope of inspiring young males to do the same and save lives.

A partnership between the Australian Red Cross and men’s grooming brand LYNX aims to represent Australia’s largest ever blood drive and to save 100,000 lives across the state.

Broncos legend Sam Thaiday donated blood as an ambassador, hoping he’ll encourage other men to do the same.

“I rolled up my sleeve today– it’s very quick and easy, and my donation alone will save up to three lives,” says Thaiday.

“I want to challenge guys and see if they’re man enough to give blood.

“I ensure them that it’s not much, just a pin prick, and it literally takes five minutes

According to the Red Cross, 27,000 blood donations are required every week to meet the state’s demand, yet men have been less likely to donate.

“It comes back to doing your part. If you’re healthy enough, and especially a young male, it’s something you should consider,” says Thaiday.

“However it’s not about just donating blood once, but donating regularly.”

Of the 11,230 young men that donated blood last year, only 4,750 of those have returned to pledge again.

The LYNX Peace project is calling for guys to bear arms in a bid to reach 85,000 pledges.

The effort would help to save 100,000 lives between now and World Blood Donor Day on June 14.

To find out more about the LYNX Peace project and how you can help to save lives, visit