Keeping track of crime will be even easier with the launch of a new Neighbourhood Watch blog

Neighbourhood Watch will launch online community blogs as part of the Newman government’s promise to make the state “the safest place to raise a family”.

The blogs will serve as a platform for residents to keep up-to-date with police news, as well as raise their own concerns about local crime issues.

Police Minister Jack Dempsey said the blogs represented a general governmental shift to bring policing into “the 21st century”.

“At the election we promised to revitalise frontline services and the Neighbourhood Watch blogs are an example of that pledge. Going digital means you can now get involved in Neighbourhood Watch wherever you are, whenever you want to,” he said.

“[We’re able] to disseminate key safety and security messages to large groups of people, meaning they can connect instantly with their constituents and reduce the need for groups to continuously seek out volunteers to be coordinators.”

Even the advertising of the initiative will have a digital bent: viewers of the online ads can click on the link and subscribe to the service.

Assistant commissioner Paul Stewart welcomed the campaign, and said the popularity of the existing ‘myPolice’ blogs proved there was a keen audience.

“We have experienced overwhelming feedback with some the sites having more than 26 million hits,” said Stewart.

“This new site should not only serve as an investigative tool but as a community engagement opportunity for officers and the public.”