A new website claims to show where crimes have been committed in Queensland, much to the concern of local police

Queensland residents will be able to locate crime scenes through a new website which tracks police data, although concerns are being raised about privacy issues.

Crimemap.info is a privately-run site which allows any user to see where drugs, assaults, fraud and other offences – including traffic – have occurred over the last 13 years.

Sexual and domestic violence offences are not being tracked.

Users simply enter a postcode or suburb name into the search functionality, and the map will identify crime spots in that specific area, as well as the number of times those crimes have occurred.

The information is being mined from Queensland Police’s open data portal, although police expressed concern that specific addresses were being revealed – something they’re not allowed to do.

“The QPS data should not be attributed to a specific site,” a spokesman said.

While names and exact addresses are not being revealed, the map shows house numbers, so essentially users can identify specific sites based on the map’s data.

The site owners themselves are using a protection service to hide their identity.

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