Your morning bacon and egg roll is doing a world of damage to your health, say government experts

New research shows more Queenslanders favour unhealthy breakfasts than any other state, with bacon and egg rolls topping the list of fatty snacks.

The research, conducted by Sunny Queen Farms has prompted the Department of Health to launch its ‘Healthier, Happier’ campaign, aimed at educating Queenslanders on making healthier choices in their diet.

Department of Health’s senior nutritionist, Judy Nean, said a lot of bad decision-making came down to time factors.

“I know many workers leave home without eating breakfast and grab something ‘on the go’ which is typically high in fat, sugar and salt. Healthier takeaway options could include toast, yoghurt, raisin toast, sandwiches or fruit salad,” she said.

“I know that people are busy, but if they can manage it, they would be much better off allowing a little extra time at home to prepare and eat a nutritious breakfast to start their day on the right foot.”

Nean suggested alternatives of wholegrain cereal, porridge or muesli for a quick weekday breakfast, and toast with baked beans and avocado as a weekend brunch.

“People who regularly eat a nutritious breakfast are more likely to be eating well, and more likely to lose weight than those who don’t eat breakfast,” she added.