‘Love Child’ is the hot new show coming to our screens and star Harriet Dyer promises viewers both laughter and tears.

What’s old is new again and Nine Network’s new drama Love Child will take viewers into the world of 1969 Sydney, to Kings Cross Hospital and through the wild streets of Darlinghurst.

Jessica Marais (Packed to the Rafters, Carlotta) stars as Joan Millar, a midwife who returns home from London to take a job at Kings Cross Hospital. The retro drama also stars Jonathan LaPaglia, Mandy McElhinney and Ryan Corr, all familiar faces on the Australian small screen.

Also charged with bringing this historically-tinged story to life is Queensland actress Harriet Dyer, who plays the innocent Patricia.

“The show mainly takes place in Stanton House, a home for unwed pregnant women,” the 25-year-old actress says.

“They either have nowhere to go or their families have sent them away. It was an amazing show to film because it’s very much a part of our history, these stories really happened.

“I watched a lot of documentaries when filming wrapped but I was careful not to research while filming. I did that because my character is very unworldly and naïve and she knew nothing about these issues and I wanted that to come through,” says Dyer.

“There is a real mixture of girls in the house and that leads to a lot of issues. For Patricia she is forced to spend a lot of time with an Aboriginal girl which is strange for her as she has mostly seen them in a servant role, but they become very close. I know people think we shouldn’t show things like that, but it happened and we need to show it.”

Despite some of the show’s heavier subject matter, Dyer promises it’s also a warm-hearted story that is sure to have audiences laughing along with the characters as they fall in love with them.

“I think the fact that it’s so light-hearted will surprise people,” Dyer says. “Obviously things like sex and drama sell but there are so many layers to this show.

“We held a screening of the first episode for all the cast and crew and some of the crew members, I’m talking big burly men, were crying. That’s the effect this show has.

“It’s also very beautiful visually. At first the costumes were very true to the sixties but the network said they didn’t pop and so they mixed in modern vintage inspired pieces to make it more colourful. Which is great because if girls love the clothes they can run out and buy them,” she says.

“There was so much energy on the set of Love Child and I can’t wait for people to see it. It’s just beautiful and funny and heartbreaking.”

Love Child begins 17 February on the Nine Network.