Feeling stuck in a rut? Wondering when something awesome will happen to you? Dan Bentley’s here to tell you – it won’t just happen.

You’ve got to make it happen – that’s Bentley’s core message.

“I wanted to inspire people to live their dreams today instead of tomorrow,” he says. “I want people to know it’s up to them to make their lives awesome. It’s up to them to take action.”

After years of battling depression, anxiety and Agoraphobia, Bentley decided one day to face his fears and booked a four-week trip to Alaska completely solo.

“I jumped out of planes, went whitewater rafting, basically just pushed myself completely out of my comfort zone,” he says.”I just decided enough was enough one day. I kept thinking ‘If I get the right job, or make some friends, that’s when it will all click into place and something will happen’, but it never did, and then I stopped waiting.

“I used to ask myself, ‘What do you have to do to enjoy your life?’, then I just did it. I went overseas and started.”

Bentley, who has since completed a degree in acting, now wants to inspire others to take action and live their own awesome lives by starting the Life in 24 project.

“On 15 February, go out and try something new, try something different – maybe something they’ve always wanted to do – then take a photo and send it in,” he says. “It can be anything from playing in leaves or dancing in the rain, to going skydiving or booking a holiday. Just take action, take a photo and then send it in to the website.”

The pictures will be collated into an exhibition to be displayed online and in an as-yet-undecided venue in Brisbane.

“Depression and anxiety are really serious issues in today’s society, and I just want to make everyone aware that they’re the ones who can change their lives, it’s up to them,” Bentley says. “I still get anxious in front of a lot of people. I still fear a lot of attention, which is sort of the opposite of what I’m doing for this project, but I guess that’s what this is all about – pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, aiming for levels you don’t think you can reach and then achieving them anyway.”

Trying to reach anyone who wonders if there’s “more” to life and anyone who complains they’re bored, Bentley says the number one tip for living a more amazing life is “don’t put it off.”

“I still have a full-time job, but I take action every day,” he says. “I don’t wait for those things to come to me any more.

“I want to make films and be an actor, but I’m not waiting for the perfect role, I’m writing it for myself.”

As for what’s next?

“Good question. More of these projects… and climbing Mount Everest is my five-year goal.”

What’s your five-year goal? Do you want to live a more awesome life? Let us know what you wish you could do today instead of “tomorrow”!