If you’re thinking of a career change this year, consider becoming a teacher and help shape our State’s future.

If you have ever considered becoming a teacher now is the perfect time to consider a career change, the Queensland Government is determined to sway high-achieving graduates to become teachers.

Teaching is a fairly under-appreciated profession, we hand kids over to these people and they teach our kids a range of skills, some of which they will use for the rest of their lives. If we are being honest, they teach our children things we don’t have the patience or knowledge to teach them ourselves.

The State Government are constantly on the hunt for bright young people to take the plunge and become teachers. Now they have introduced three scholarships to entice the best and brightest amongst us to consider becoming teachers instead of rocket-scientists or the like.

Minister for Education, Training and Employment John-Paul Langbroek, made sure to make clear that the current teachers were valued employees despite investing $675,000 in three scholarship programs aimed at attracting up to 40 high achieving candidates from other professions into teaching.

“Already we have more than 40,000 dedicated, passionate and creative teachers working in our state primary and secondary schools, but we’re always looking to find more of those special sorts of people who can inspire students to greatness inside and outside the classroom.”

The scholarships are specifically aimed at high-achieving science, mathematics, engineering and industrial design graduates.

Mr Langbroek did say the scholarships are aimed to “help state secondary schools attract the high quality teachers needed to lift student performance.”

The demand in education is shifting to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) as industries and businesses are looking for graduates skilled in these areas.
The new scholarships include:

• Ten Step into Teaching (STEP) scholarships valued at $25,000 for graduates to undertake postgraduate teaching studies and accept a statewide posting;

• A further 10 STEP scholarships valued at up to $12,500 for applicants for other high priority placements in other locations;

• Twenty new Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Teaching Scholarships to encourage high-achieving final year pre-service teachers.

For more information about a career in teaching and the new scholarship programs available in Queensland visit www.teach.qld.gov.au

What do you think of the new scholarship initiative?