Check out our list of Australia Day traditions and get inspired to celebrate Aussie culture this Australia Day.

Do you know why we celebrate Australia  Day? Check out our Your Say poll on the Your Brisbane page to prove you know your Aussie history.

On Australia Day there a certain things everyone does to celebrate Australia and our culture – read through our list and see if you agree.
1. BBQ

The BBQ – a clichéd tradition, but a tradition all the same. Majority of Aussies will be enjoying a BBQ this Australia day, check out our checklist for the perfect summer BBQ.

2. The Beach

Aussies love the beach and since Australia Day falls in Summer many Aussies will hit the beach and the ocean to cool down.

3. Dressing up

Wearing anything with the Australian flag on it is a wide-spread tradition. Temporary tattoos, novelty sunglasses, t-shirts, boardies, thongs, bikinis, if it has a Aussie flag or kangaroo on it, then wear it with pride!

4. Triple J’s Hottest 1000

Radios on Australia Day will all be switched to Triple J for the Hottest 100 countdown – a compilation of the biggest songs over the past year. By the end of the day everyone is singing along and making bets on who will be number one.

5. Pool Party

A hallowed Australia Day tradition is the pool party including a BBQ, Aussie gear and the Hottest 100. It is the epitome of Australia Day.

6. Local parks

On Australia Day parks are flooded with families and groups of friends looking for a the perfect spot to have a BBQ or picnic lunch.

7. Thong challenge

A growing Australian tradition, the Havaianas Thong Challenge involves thousands of people grabbing inflatable thongs and heading to the beach. For more information, head to the Australia Day Thong Challenge website.

8. Weird races

Aussies have a strange fascination with weird races. On Australia Day in Brisbane alone, we have esky races and cockroach races.

9. Watch the Tennis

The Australian Open is heating up when Australia Day rolls around each year and spectators at the game get decked out in Aussie gear and cheer on their favorite players.

10. Eat Aussie cuisine

Enjoy a lamington, some Vegemite and maybe even a meat pie – here is a list of awesome Aussie food. 

What are your favorite Australia Day traditions?