This morning, another live stream from marine life activists Sea Shepherd depicted Japanese fisherman herding another group of dolphins into the brutal Taiji Cove.

The world has been in uproar over the recent footage of hundreds of bottle-nose dolphins being brutally slayed that was streamed by the Sea Shepherd activist group (depicted in the pictures above) .

This morning in Japan, another group of dolphins have been herded in the Taiji killing cove and brutally slaughtered, but the fishermen are becoming savvier at hiding the brutal killings, using large tarps to hide the killing of the dolphins and the dolphin carcasses being transported.

The pod from this morning was identified as a group of striped dolphins and Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian group leader Melissa Seghal, urged viewers to realise this happens every day.

“The truth is this happens almost on a daily basis here, from the months September through March…these dolphins will be slaughtered for human consumption a favourite here in Japan” Melissa Seghal commented during the live stream.

Ms. Seghal also made an insightful comment when she walked past an official monitoring their behaviour.

“We are monitored 24 hours, as if we’re the criminals here.”

At 9:36am Brisbane time, the Pod was trapped in the Cove and being pushed towards the killing shore. Ms. Seghal refers to the fisherman as ‘the killers’, a very apt title.

When the slaughter began, they hid the dolphins under large tarps and killed the dolphins hastily.

“We anticipate they will do this very fast so we can’t get any footage. They know the world is watching them right now and they will do anything to hide what they claim is tradition and culture,” Ms. Seghal said.

The massive pod of bottle-nosed dolphins slaughtered and processed two days ago, including a rare Albino calf which was separated by from its Mother, sparked a media outcry. However the killing continues and there is no interference at all with the brutal murder.

While some of the bottle-nosed dolphins from earlier this week were kept to go into captivity, today all the striped dolphins were slaughtered for human consumption.

Ms Seghal described the general behaviour of the fisherman;

“This is just an everyday work day for the killers. We often see the killers smoke cigarettes and laugh sitting on piles of bodies,”

Approximately 630 dolphins have been slaughtered since the season began in September and 140 have been taken into captivity . U.S Ambassador Caroline Kennedy has spoken out about the happenings at the cove, tweeting “Deeply concerned by inhumaneness of drive hunt dolphin killing.”

Yoko Ono (wife of the late John Lennon), who is Japanese herself, also made comments about the brutal hunt, writing an open letter addressing the future of Japan.

“At this very politically sensitive time, [the hunt] will make the children of the world hate the Japanese,” she wrote.

The collection of Dolphins from the wild has not been permitted since 1994 and in a recent statement Sea World on the Gold Coast expressed that they were fully against what is happening in Taiji Cove.

“Sea World does not support the Japanese drive fisheries and has signed zoological petitions presented by the Australasian zoological industry body and the World Zoo Association protesting these drives.”

It was also made clear by the statement that Sea World dolphins are either bred at the Sea World facilities or rescued by the Research & Rescue team and  kept because they are deemed unable to survive in the wild.

The cruelty of the dolphin hunting was originally exposed by the 2010 academy Award winning documentary ‘The Cove’, below is the compelling trailer of the film.

Several petitions have been created on to try and stop the killing of the dolphins.

Weigh in on the Taiji Cove debate – What can we do to stop this brutal killing of dolphins?

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