Richard Hobbs is a career coach, now author, sharing his success strategies for the contemporary work market.

Richard Hobbs is not your typical career coach, He studied at Cranfield University, then began his career as a technician apprentice. He has worked in the UK since 1986.

He began to develop a passion for coaching others to achieve their life, and career goals.

These are tips, and excerpts from his book, Inspire a Hire.

“Make sure to get on social media and be sure to network,” says Hobbs.

“Make an eye-catching resume: securing a job just got way more difficult. Factors in the job industry are quickly evolving in today’s fast-paced world, which can leave job seekers in a cloud of confusion.”

According to the latest studies conducted by Linkedin and Seek, the technology savvy and carers were among the most in demand for 2013 and beyond.

Inspire a Hire is a manual designed to change the job seeking game. Hobbs instructs readers on how to design a resume, network and take advantage of the right opportunities.

“I have written this book as a tool to help close a gap in awareness I have seen in the market and provide job hunters with valuable insights and ideas that are proven to generate interviews and help people achieve their goals.”

Designed for a quick read and fast results, Inspire a Hire helps readers immediately without weighing them down with excessive, unnecessary material.

It contains relevant, up-to-date information on where the job market is heading and how everyone can maximize job search results.

“I have desired to be of service to others for a long time.

I enjoy helping clients in my spare time to win the job they desire by applying the principles found in my book.”

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