At the Australia Day Achievement Awards in Kedron today, the best of the state’s emergency workers, staff and volunteers were recognised.

More than 25 Queensland Fire and Emergency Services officers and volunteers were awarded for their work and bravery on Queensland’s frontline.

Assistant Minister for Emergency Volunteers, Ted Malone, presented the awards and said that the winners had achieved a wide range of skills, implemented in the community.

“North Stradbroke Island State Emergency Service (SES) Group Leader Ben Holder received his award for his work with social media and weather warning services, while Deception Bay SES Group’s Kirsty Laili was recognised for her consistent and professional training coordination,” said Malone.

“Other award winners included QFES Compliance and Prosecution manager David Tucker, who was praised for his work in providing safer accommodation for at-risk residents residing in public housing.”

Another 10 awards were presented to staff from the Public Safety Business Agency for their work on the frontline.

Mr Malone said the awards acknowledged the dedication, hard work and sacrifice emergency service staff and volunteers had made for their community.

“Frontline emergency services are currently being revitalised as promised at the election, with the implementation of a number of recommendations from the Keelty Review into Police and Community Safety, the first review of its kind in more than 20 years.”

QFES Commissioner Lee Johnson thanked the award winners for their commitment.

“Their dedication is of huge benefit to the community. Being a volunteer emergency worker is challenging but rewarding task,” Mr Johnson said.

“SES members and rural firefighters often undertake tasks that the rest of the community would hesitate to carry out.

“They fight fires, search for the missing, help paramedics reach patients and keep the community calm and informed during a disaster.

“Volunteer efforts like these are a true representation of the Australian spirit and so it is fitting that we recognise them.”


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