Open to the public, a seminar at University of Queensland (UQ) will discuss Queensland and Europena Union Laws aimed to stamp out organised crime and Australian law against bikie gangs.

Amidst the controversy surrounding current laws against bikie gangs there’s an interesting fact that’s sure to be raised at the seminar, that combating organised crime is not exclusively an Australian problem.

Discussion will focus on anti-organised crime offences, police powers and other law enforcement measures adopted in Austria and the European Union.

Seminar presenter Professor Susanne Reindl-Krauskopf, of the University of Vienna Law School, said Australia is not alone in their fight against organised crime. “Other countries also find it difficult to articulate clear boundaries about the constituent elements of criminal organisations,” she says.

Professor Reindl-Krauskopf used the example of animal rights activist in Austria who have been involved in criminal proceedings and criminal organisations. It appears you don’t have to be on the back of a bike to be involved in organised crime.

Professor Reindl-Krauskopf along with UQ Law Professor Andreas Schloenhardt are examining the criminal justice response to organised crime worldwide.

The two have been working on a research project – ‘Transnational Organised Crime – International Law and Domestic Practice’. It examines a range of crimes commonly associated with organised gangs, such as people smuggling, human trafficking, social security fraud, corruption and cyber crime.

The seminar is sure to be interesting, especially considering the following statement from Professor Andreas Schloenhardt, which damns the new bikie laws.

“The types of infringements on civil liberties envisaged by Queensland’s new laws would be unimaginable and not permissible in the European Union and cannot be reconciled with international human rights standards,” Professor Schloenhardt said.

If you are interested in attending the seminar the event details are listed below…

TC Beirne School of Law Research Seminar Series: Criminalising Organised Crime: Austrian and European Perspectives

When: Friday 24 January 2014, noon – 1pm

Where: Sir Samuel Griffith Room, 1-W341, Forgan Smith Building, UQ St Lucia Campus