Are you sick of screaming at your GPS? Try one of these five navigation apps and get where you need to go minus the stress.

If you are starting at a new job, or even a new school, it can be difficult finding out how to get there, and what route to take.

If you not great at directions, and need a navigations system, try one of these apps that will let you know how you can get to where you need to be. All the apps we have selected won’t break the bank either, they are all very reasonably priced or free.

1. Metroview GPS navigation  – $14.99 – free (iPhone, Android)

A turn by turn guide that actually lets you know when you need to turn, when possible this app will even let you know a close-by business or landmark so you can get your bearings. Plus it has added features like traffic updates and speed-camera alerts.

2. Google Maps – free (iPhone, Android)

Google maps is a reliable app that is great for driving and even better for public transport navigation. It does need an internet connection to work so if you are in an area with bad reception this app will struggle.

3. gMaps – free (Windows)

gMaps is a fabulous app for finding your way around, especially if you are walking on street level. Street view capabilities and venue search make finding your destination a breeze.

4. Whereis – free ( iPhone)

Next time you go for a drive you could be guided by the voice of Jennifer Hawkins or Dame Edna. This app is a good navigation tool and as an added bonus for Telstra users there are no carrier data charges when you use Whereis.

5. CoPilot Premium Australia + NZ – Offline GPS Navigation and Maps – $34.99 (iPhone)

If you travel between Australia and New Zealand this app is perfect for you. Maps are stored on your phone so there is no need for an internet connection, this app is loaded with extra features.

What navigation apps do you use?