If you are starting a new job this year , you will be thinking about dealing with day one nerves and preparation . Follow our tips and you will be on your way to making a good first impression

Starting a new job can sometimes be similar to the first day at a new school, you don’t know anyone and you’re not sure what is going to be asked of you.

Luckily there are certain things you can do to make your first day at a new job a little easier.

Follow these tips and you will have the best chance of impressing your boss and co-workers at your new place of employment.

1. Preparation

Before your first day at your new job make sure you are fully prepared so your morning is stress free.

Choose your outfit the night before
Make sure you have your route sorted
Make sure your car does not need fuel

All the small tasks that can be sorted the night before you start should be done so your morning is less busy.

2. Work kit

So you feel comfortable at your new job make a small work kit to make your desk feel like you own. Your work kit could include things like – necessary medications, personal coffee mug, photo of family or pets, personal mouse pad etc.

3. Don’t make plans

After or before work on you first day do not make any commitments. You don’t want to be held up and then be late or be rushing out of work to try and make it to your commitment.

4. Greetings

Practice your handshake and try to remember as many names as possible. you can even write down people names and something that defines them to help you remmeber – Ellen wears glasses.

5. Set yourself up

When you get to work learn how things work –

Where are the bathrooms?
Where is your supervisor located?
Set up an email signature
Learn to use the phones. Etc.

It is better to ask the questions now when you’re starting at a new job. If you wait for weeks or months and still aren’t sure about how an important things works you can end up appearing incompetent because you have just ignored something important.

6. Mobile Phone off limits

Your first day at work put your phone on vibrate or silent so you are not distracted. Obviously is your position requires you to use your personal mobile this will not work for you.

7. Ask before you take

Before taking or using anything like stationary or food in the break room ask around and see what the system is.

8. Be happy!

Don’t walk to your text with your head down, walk with a smile on your face and try and appear to be in a good mood. You will seem more approachable and you will make friends with your colleagues more easily.

What is your advice for starting a new job?