North Stradbroke Island is officially open for business and the Island is as beautiful as ever. The beaches remain unscathed from the latest bushfires and the popular holiday destination is safe for holiday goers once again.

After a harrowing two weeks of bushfires and evacuations, North Stradbroke Island is again open for visitors and eagerly awaits your arrival.

The emergency situation declared by the Queensland Police for the island under the Public Safety Preservation Act has been revoked by police. Consequently travel to the island has re-opened and holiday goers are encouraged to visit the idyllic holiday spot to enjoy all Stradbroke Island has to offer.

Redland City Destination Management spokesperson Cr Craig Ogilvie, whose Division includes the island,  encouraged everyone to consider going to the island for a day trip or holiday.

“I encourage everyone to visit for the day or longer. From many areas of the island including Point Lookout and Amity Point you wouldn’t even know there has been a fire.”

Cr Ogilvie assured that the fire is now under control and there are still some active fires on the island near Brown Lake but these fires are burning within containment lines and pose no threat to life or property.

Main Beach south of the causeway and the Main Beach campgrounds have been re-opened. You can access the  Main Beach campgrounds via George Nothling Way as Alfred Martin Way (formerly Tazi Road and also known as Trans Island Road) remains closed.

The Brown Lake, Blue Lake and Keyholes still remain closed, but all the beaches are open and are unscathed.

Now the focus will shift to recovery and there are concerns for injured and homeless animals on the island.

Redland City Environment, Waterways and Foreshores spokesperson Cr Paul Gleeson said wildlife volunteers are on stand-by to deal with an influx of sick and injured animals.

“I urge motorists to drive carefully as animals including wallabies, kangaroos and koalas are moving into new habitats.”

If you do come across a sick or injured animal the number to call is 0407 766 052.

“Wildlife rangers at Redlands IndigiScapes Centre have advised that animal injuries including smoke inhalation, burnt feet and general exposure are expected to be common,” Cr Gleeson said.

The fireswere sparked by lightning on 29 December 2013 and have razed more than 16,000 hectares of the 28,000-hectare iconic island.

Luckily no residential areas are within the burn area and there have been no injuries or fatalities.

The latest updates on the North Stradbroke Island fire situation are posted on the Redland City Council and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) websites and Facebook and Twitter pages.

Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing has issued a direction for ‘no open fires or campfires on North Stradbroke Island’ until further notice.

Everyone planning a trip to Straddie should contact their accommodation provider before they leave, some relevant contact details are listed below;

Cylinder Beach and Main Beach Camping: Straddie Camping on (07) 3409 9668, or visit the Straddie Camping Facebook page for specific information.

Allure Stradbroke Resort: (07) 3415 0000.

Point Lookout and Amity Point accommodation providers are offering some great deals for the remainder of the holidays.

Call Stradbroke Island Holidays on 3821 0266 or visit 

Find out about what Stradbroke Island has to offer.