Sending your child to a new school can be a little daunting for you and them. Find out how can prepare for a new school before the first day.

Entering a new school is something many families have to deal with throughout schooling.

For various reasons this year you may have decided to send your child to a new school and no matter what age they are, there will be a transition period.

There are ways that your family can be better prepared and improve the chances of the transition going smoothly.

Here are six tips to prepare you and your child for starting at a new school.

1. Research the school

Do some research on the new school; is there anything unique about it? What classes does it offer? Are there any extra-curricular activities available?

You probably looked into this when choosing the school but refresh your memory so you can answer any questions form your partner or children.

2. Q and A

Have a question and answer meeting with your family, try and get the whole family involved even if you have teenagers.This is where your knowledge comes in, a conversation about the new school and discussing the new opportunities it may offer can be a very positive experience for a nervous child.

3. Community

Before school starts get you and/or your kids involved in the community by joining a sporting club or community group.

You are bound to meet a family that attends the school or maybe even a teacher from the school. If you meet someone before school starts you and your kids will see a familiar face around the campus and feel just that little more comfortable on the first day.

4. Practise makes perfect

Decide how your child is going to get to school and do a practise run if possible. If you know how long the trip will take it will cut down on stress the first day.

5. Uniforms and school supplies

Make sure you get all the school supplies and uniforms your child needs. Ask at the uniform shop what uniform items children the same age as your child generally wear and try to buy uniform items that are similar.

This way your child will feel more comfortable on the first day.

6. A bit of prep

Being behind is always a risk at a new school. The weeks or days leading back to school are a good time to give your child a new book to read or a workbook to try and finish.

Their minds will be refreshed after the holidays, but they may have forgotten a couple of things. Do your best to remind them of what they have already learnt and encourage them to read .


Are you concerned about your child starting at a new child?