Historic buildings in Margaret Street could be demolished to make room for a temporary dog park.

Brisbane is a relatively young city and the amount of what we consider ‘old buildings’ is shockingly small.

Now in a move that is causing many ripple and cries of protest in the Brisbane community the Brisbane City Council is considering a development application to demolish three buildings with significant historic value, only three weeks before voting on the draft new City Plan.

The buildings that may have to face the wrecking ball are O’Reilly’s Bonded Stores at 93 Margaret Street, and the Free Stores Building at 93-105 Margaret Street and Hotpoint House at 111 Margaret Street.

The buildings date back to the early 1900s and are surrounded by other heritage listed buildings.

They aren’t thinking of demolishing these historical sites to create some other culturally enticing location. The plan is to replace them with a temporary dog park and eventually high rise developments.

Brisbane City Council Leader of the Opposition Milton Dick is adamant that Lord Mayor Graham Quirk should do everything he can to protect the building.

“I’m worried about the future of our City if we have a Lord Mayor and a proposed planning scheme that rolls over to developers who want to bulldoze historic buildings in our City,” he said.

The leader of the opposition was concerned that the focus is too much on the G20 Summit.

“The G20 Summit will come and go but if this demolition is allowed to proceed, we will have lost Margaret Street’s architecturally unique streetscape and that’s something we can’t just get back.”

It will be interesting to see what the Lord Mayor does decide to do about the proposed demolition.

Do you think these buildings should be demolished? 

You can sign a petition to stop the demolition at the Brisbane Heritage website.