Don’t let the festive season be over, organise a street party and keep the fun going.

Christmas and New Year are over, but the kids are still on holidays and the weather is still fine.

Before the kids have to go back to school or everyone returns to Uni have a street party to get your neighbours together.

A street party can be as big or as small as you want t it to be. You simply have to decide how many people will be there and if you want to make it a simple party or more of a carnival event.

Follow these 6 steps to get your street party underway.

1. The basics

Answer all the basic questions – What? Who? When Where?

To answer these questions you will need to have a chat with your neighbours and sort out what everyone wants. Whether your organise a formal meeting or just casually meet up with a few people in your street is entirely up to you.

What is the party going to be? Will you need to hire equipment like jumping castles or is it going to be a simple bring your own chair and plate affair?

Who are you going to invite? With it be just your street or the whole community?

When will you have the street party?

Where is the best place to have the street party? Will the street be closed or will you have it at the side of the road or in someone’s front yard?

2. Check with council

After you have answered all these questions and you have a basic plan of action, check with your local council about any requirements like insurance and forms you may need to fill out. It may vary from council to council and depend on whether you need your street to be closed. It’s best to check and make sure you are covered rather than getting a fine or the party being shut down.

3. Delegate

Share the work around, ask certain people to be responsible for certain tasks. You will need to think about food, drinks, seating, lights, music, decorations, kids entertainment, set-up, clean-up etc.

4. Police

Notify the police of you party so they are aware just in case they get any noise complaints etc. Make sure you let them know if the street is going to be closed off and if you have purchased any insurance.

5. Invite

Invite everyone a few weeks before, don’t leave it too late or people with have made other plans. You can just drop the invitations in everyone letterboxes and it is up to you whether your guests will need to RSVP.

6. On the day

Set-up your street party and enjoy, make sure you make everyone feel welcome and meet some new people!

Have you ever been to a street party? Share your street party experience with us.