What will the New Year hold? Check out this list of predictions from psychic’s around the world, TEASER: Miley Cyrus will end up in a full…

Many psychics across the globe are predicting big events in 2014.

Everything from wild weather to celebrity meltdowns have been predicted.

We have searched and read a lot of these so called predictions and compiled a list of some of the more…colourful premonitions.

To find out more about a specific psychic or to read more of their predictions simply click on their name.
Nikki – psychic to the stars

– Miley Cyrus full body cast.

– Another pregnancy for Kate and Prince William.

– Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi will break up.

– An earthquake in New Zealand and Australia.

– A fire at Buckingham Palace.


Tara Green – Tarot reader, Astrologer, Phsychic Consultant in Toronto and Worldwide

– UFO sightings will be out of this world. It will be leaked that governments have
been making pacts with E.T’s for years.

– Fishing is forced to stop in Japan due to admission of radiation poisoning.

– Sushi will be banned as it’s no longer available, nor desirable in the West.

– There may be assassination attempts on Pope Francis by fundamentalists.

– People will turn their backs on tech ( technology) .


World Predictions – Eric Leigh-Pink

– Mass suicide unfolds for nothing but a lie.. in America.. south.

– Nick is the most powerful man.. replacement ( who is this mysterious Nick?).

– The bugs land in Taiwan.. discord.. upheavals.. rough seas.. not its best year.


Sidney Friedman

– A major pipeline not for water but for oil is announced.

– Chivalry returns.

– Garlic is in the news.

– Edward Snowden will return to the U.S and not face trail.


Vine – Natural Born Clairvoyant Medium

– A new fabric will be designed to counteract radiation on your skin.

– We will come up with new water devices to protect heritage listed trees.

– We are now moving into a time where the world people will have to adapt to a changing climate because nature’s moods are going to be fierce.


These predictions are the specific opinions of the listed psychics. Bmag does not have any association with these people nor do we agree or disagree with any of their predictions.

What do you predict will happen in 2014? Do you agree with any of the predictions above?