Hesitant to shop online? Follow these 6 tips and you will be more confident with your shopping decisions on the web.

Buying things online is easy and convenient, but there are also added risks to shopping online.

There are generally hidden costs, it can be a nightmare to make a return and then there is the issue of sharing your credit card details.

Luckily there are ways you can recognise if a sight is legitimate and going to be a good choice.

If you follow these six simple tips your online experience will hopefully be a lot more enjoyable and you will be more confident in your choice next time you make an online purchase.

1. How can I contact them?

It’s pretty simple, if an online retailer does not have an address, contact number or customer service email, avoid buying from them. The more contact details and information the site has about who and where they are in the world will generally indicate how reliable they are.

2. Stalk them

Most online retailers will have a Facebook page, Instagram or twitter. Search for them on social media and see what other people have said about their business and products. If their Facebook is full of complaints then maybe think again before making your purchase.

3. Privacy policy and security

When shopping on a site for the first time read their privacy policy and make sure the site is secure. The easiest way to know if the sight is secure is if it has http at the beginning of the URL or a small padlock in the URL bar.

4. Added costs
Before you finalise your purchase, make sure you are aware of any added costs like delivery fee, processing fees etc. If there is an unexplained addition to your purchase search the site and find out what it is.

5. Record your purchase
When you have made a purchase save all the relevant information – receipt numbers, invoices or confirmation emails should all be saved and kept until you have received the goods, you know you were charged correctly and the goods meet your expectations. Make sure to check your bank statement or online banking and note if you were charged the correct amount .

6. Something wrong? Act quickly.

If something does go wrong with your purchase contact the websites administrators or support team immediately. Don’t wait for the problem to fix itself or expect the site to be aware of it. It is best to call and email them so you have your query in writing.


Share your bad online experiences with us and warn everyone of dodgy online retailers.