Brisbane based not -for -profit company Reverse Garbage are changing the way Brisbane Businesses deal with discarded materials.

This time of year many businesses decide to do a massive clean out. Leases are running out, new employees need more space there are a million reasons why the New Year means a massive clean-up.

But when you are emptying all of that garbage into a tip do you think about where it may end up?

With so many companies trying to make sure they are environmentally conscious, I’m sure a lot of re-usable and recyclable material is simply thrown away.

There are the usal excuses; it takes to much valuable time to sort through it or it costs too much money to dispose of it properly.

Well now there is a service that can help Brisbane businesses dispose of their unwanted materials.

Reverse Garbage is trying to keep valuable resources out of Brisbane’s landfills. Reverse Garbage are helping companies do the right thing and reduce their waste disposal costs by offering a free collection for certain discarded goods.

Reverse Garbage collects a range of clean discards that include;

pre-consumer waste materials (eg. factory offcuts)
used items from retailers (eg. mannequins and shop displays)
outdated stock (eg. fabric sample books)
mis-prints (eg. vinyl banners)
packaging (eg. foam)

Revers Garbage Director Louise Gillard encourages businesses to make use of the Reverse Grabage service.

“Most people know that the materials they throw out are too good to be wasted but they are just not sure what else to do with them and this is where Reverse Garbage can help” Louise says.

Reverse Garbage already collects from around 300 businesses in the great Brisbane area and diverts approximately three tonnes of waste from going to landfill every week.

Louise explains that “business owners are happy to know that their offcuts are being used by schools, childcare centres, artists, students and home renovators.”

For more information on their services and to find out if Reverse Garbage could work for your business head to the Revere Garbage website.

Does you business think about the environment? Let us know what your work does to think green.

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