Escaping the heat at a dam or waterway? Enjoy the reprieve from the heat but remember to be mindful of the safety of others.

If you are headed to a dam, lake or waterway this summer holidays to escape the heat make sure you and your family keep safe.


Water Supply Minister Mark McArdle has warned that in previous years holiday makers have sustained injuries at dams and waterways that could have been avoided with common sense.


Mr McArdle said being aware of your own family’s safety is only part of the picture, you have to be mindful of other people’s safety also.


“Boaties need to keep well clear of swimmers, only tow skiers where it is permitted in deeper areas of lakes that allow skiing, and never venture too close to dam and weir walls,” Mr McArdle said.

If you haven’t been to a water spot before make sure you know the rules and follow the signs.


“Visitors should observe all safety signage, never swim in fast moving water and keep away from areas that contain debris,” Mr McArdle said.


SunWater General Manager Tom Vanderbyl said every holiday season visitors flock to dams and waterways for boating, fishing and camping.


“Our dams are popular places for friends and families to visit during the holiday period, however, we ask everyone to use caution, be aware of the risks and take care of each other,” Mr Vanderbyl said.


Follow these safety tips supplied by SunWater so you and your family can enjoy the water and keep safe these holidays.



SunWater’s dam safety tips:

· Observe all signage – they contain important information about the water, potential hazards and BGA (Blue-Green Algae) levels

· Do not boat, swim or ski while under the influence of alcohol or drugs – look out for your mates

· Boaties, swimmers and skiers should remain a safe distance from dam and weir walls and outlet structures

· Dams and waterways often have hidden dangers, such as submerged stumps and rocks that can injure water skiers, boaties and swimmers

· Boaties should stay clear of swimmers and skiers and stay in designated recreational areas.


For more information on dam facilities and conditions, visit SunWater’s website or call 13 15 89.