Body language can help you decipher how someone feels, what they are thinking or what their intentions are. Here are some quick tips on reading another person’ body language.

Body language can not only help you read a person’s mind, but can also help you make sure you don’t offend anyone. Next time you are trying to decipher someone’s body language, remember these tips and tricks. If you pay attention you could be shocked at what you discover.

Head and Face

– Rapid and frequent blinking can be a sign of stress or discomfort.

– A lowered head can indicate shyness or timidness especially if they lower their head after receiving a compliment.

– A titled head can be a sign of sympathy or flirtation.

– Some people bite or nibble on their lips in order to soothe themselves in nervous situations.

– Scratching the nose or face can be a sign of lying.


Arms and upper body

– If a person crosses their arms it means they are uncomfortable, or even irritated.

– People lean towards people they like and stand up straight or even lean away from
the people they don’t.

– Touching of the neck or upper chest can indicate concern or sympathy.

– Gesturing when you speak can indicate that you are open, energetic and agreeable.


Legs and lower body

– People angle their feet and legs towards whomever they are focused on.

– Standing with a straight back and legs a part means a person is attempting to show dominance or confidence.

– Pointing your toes inward can indicate insecurity


How do you interpret certain types of body language?