Start the year with a clean working space by de-cluttering your desk, just follow these simple steps and your desk will be looking as good in no time.

Beat the Monday blues and get organised by cleaning your desk out ready for the New Year.

Follow these five simple steps to de-clutter your desk.

1. Sort
Go through the papers, clippings, personal items and general rubbish on your desk and sort it into two piles – keep and throw away. Once you have thrown away the unnecessary items and papers sort the remaining items into separate categories for filing later – bills, notes, reminders etc. Now go through all your stationary and test all your pens to see which ones work, place them in container or draw.

2. Dust
Clear the surface of your desk and dust the surface of your workspace.
Get a damp cloth and wipe down your desk. After it will look and feel so much better.

3. File
Now you have a clean desk file your papers that you don’t need straight away so they aren’t taking up unnecessary space.

4. Re-position
Now you can get creative and re-position everything on your desk to make it easily accessible and neat. Depending on what you need, maybe you require an in and out tray or a pile of to-do and done. Make sure your space works for the task at hand. There is no use clearing your desk of everything if you are just going to need to dig it out five minutes later.

5. Try it out
Now your desk is neat and clutter free try it out for a set period of time. If you find you filing system or to-do piles still need some work try a different system until you get into a productive rhythm.

Do you like to work in a neat work space, or do you prefer a little chaos?