How can you tell if your home is haunted or if it’s just the neighbors cat sneaking around? Here are 7 signs your home is in fact haunted.

So you think your home is haunted? Well if you’re  experiencing most of the signs below then you could have a haunted home or it could just  be a huge coincidence.


Signs your home is haunted; 

You feel like you are being watched or suddenly become covered in Goosebumps for no apparent reason.

2. Slamming!
Your doors, cabinets and drawers open and close, even slamming unexpectedly.

3. I can hear you …
You hear noises that have no explanation and sound like human movement.

4. Shadow Hunter
Shadows or dark spots appear around your home and then flicker away.

5. Disappearing acts
Items around you home are constantly disappearing then reappearing in different places.

6. Flashing lights
You have experienced several unexplained electronic disturbances from flashing lights, channels changing by themselves on your TV or interference with your phone line or radio.

7. Animals and children
Animals and children are said to have heightened sensitivity when it comes to the supernatural, you should start being concerned if you pets or children start acting strangely, staring or speaking/barking at empty spaces.
Now if you still think you have a supernatural presence in your home here is remedies people believe should free you home from evil or unwanted guests.

How to make sure your home is not haunted;

1. Burn a smudge stick or some sage

2. Throw away or sell any old objects from previous owners.

3. Claim your home by sitting down with your family and telling the ghost to move on

If you do all of the above and your still not satisfied it might be time to have a full blown séance !

Good Luck ghost hunting. Read about houses that are haunted in Brisbane.

Do you believe in ghosts?