A new year means a new calendar and diary. If you aren’t happy with the default calendar application on your phone try out one of these great calendar apps.

So you have your organisation apps sorted, but what about a general calendar app for your day to day appointments? All the apps below are great for making sure you never miss an appointment again, plus they each have their own additional features.

1. Tempo (iOS)

Tempo takes Calendar apps to the next level by incorporating Artificial Intelligence to make sure you are thoroughly prepared for any meeting or appointments. Tempo is perfect if your schedule is always full of meetings and you need help juggling daily tasks.

2. Google Calendar (Android)

Google is there anything you can’t do? The Google Calendar is easy to use aesthetically pleasing and it is the default Calendar app on Android phones. If you use it regularly and incorporate the colour coding technology you most likely won’t use anything else.

3. aCalendar (Android)

Similar in many way to Google Calender aCalendar is a clean app that allows you to easily input appointments and important reminders. You can also adjust the length of the view which is always helpful – view days, weeks or months.

4. Cal (iOS)

Cal has all you need or want in a Calendar app, plus it looks damn impressive on your Android. It uses photographic backdrops which is super appealing to the user. Cal is also free so give it a go.

5. Chronos Calendar (Windows)

A decent calendar app if you are looking to sync with Google Calendar on your Windows phone. Another one that is aesthetically pleasing and great for plugging in multiple appointments and reminders quickly.

What Calendar apps will you be using in 2014?