There are plenty of new TV shows coming to free-to-air in 2014, here are a few that caught our eye.

The New Year means the return of some of our favorite TV shows ( Revenge anyone?) and of course a brand new line-up of shiny new TV shows that will either stick it out and gather a fan base or will flop and never be heard from again. It can be hard to tell what will make a successful TV show, but see if you can predict how the ones below will fair in the New Year.

Here are ten of the new shows hitting Australian TV screens in 2014;

1. The Biggest Loser: Challenge Australia – Channel 10 

So the biggest loser is back for another year, but this time they are whipping an entire Australian town into shape.

2. The Block: Fans Vs. Favorites –  Channel 9 

The Block this year will have two new start ups, the first being Fans vs. Favorites, they are bringing back some of the old contestants to go head to head with a whole bunch of new blockheads.

3. INXS: Never tear us apart – Channel 7 

An Australian tele-movie about the famous iconic band INXS and its troubled front man Michael Hutchence, keep an eye out for  X factor winner Samantha Jade as Kylie Minogue.

4. Love Child  – Channel 9 

A new drama series about a young midwife in King’s Cross in 1969. The provocative clips from this series were played throughout the Logies.

5. Bad Education – ABC

A British comedy about a immature teacher who gets into all sorts of sticky situations with his students and colleagues.

6. Resurrection  – Channel 7 

This U.S drama is produced by none other than Brad Pitt and tells the story of the dead coming back to life in the town of Arcadia. Watch the trailer it will give you chills.

7. Schapelle   –  Channel 9 

A movie all about Schappelle Corby and here alleged drug smuggling and subsequent arrest.

8. The Killing Fields –  Channel 7 

Rebecca Gibney stars in this new crime drama, which follows Gibney as a detective who is sent to a small town to investigate the mysterious murder of a teenage girl.

9. Secrets and Lies  – Channel 10 

Another new crime drama that follows the murder investigation of a young boy, who is found by a a family man that soon becomes the prime suspect.

10. The Agony of Modern Manners – ABC

A spin off to The Agony of Life, that discusses the issue of modern manners and society’s expectations with notable Australians. It actually looks quite hilarious and entertaining.

What new TV shows will you be watching in 2014?