If you want to stand out this New Year’s Eve follow our tips so you are the life of the New Year’s Eve party.

New Year’s Eve means lots of people, lots of parties and plenty of socializing and sometimes it can be hard to be the life of the party without going over board.   So how can you be the life of the party this New Year’s Eve and make sure you and everyone around you are having a great time? Follow these five simple tips and you will not only have a fun night but you will stand out as a fun confident person.

1. Preparation

  •  Dress appropriately – make sure your clothes reflect who you are, don’t be afraid to stand out with a tasteful bold accessory or vibrant print.
  • Think about the party you are going to, What are there interests? What topics do they like? What jokes will they respond well too?

2. Confidence

  • Be confident on arrival don’t sneak in the back. Walk in grab a drink or some food then start talking to people.
  • Don’t fidget, play with your hair or let anxiety show on your face.  SMILE!
  • Accept compliments well, don’t laugh them off say thank -you.

3. Mingling

  • Talk to multiple groups of people throughout the night
  • Break the ice with jokes or funny anecdotes.
  • Don’t interrupt conversations join in on them.

4. Dancing

  • Make sure you are having fun while your dancing, don’t dance for the sake of dancing.
  • Pull out some funny or impressive moves to grab attention.

5. Not all attention is good attention

  • Don’t do anything reckless,
  • You want to come of as fun, carefree and easy-going rather than unstable or obnoxious.
  • When it comes down to it just be yourself and focus on having fun.

We hope you have a great time this New Year’s Eve, welcome the new year in style but make sure you stay safe. What do you do to be the life of the party?