Check out what the worst films of 2013. A few films certainly let down audiences this year but what were the worst ones?

Throughout this year there have been some films released that have left audiences thinking Рthat is two hours I am never getting back. So here are the worst films of 2013, granted some of them were okay if you just caught them on DVD or download, but if you spent your hard earned cash to see these films you were most likely bitterly disappointed.

1. Grown Ups 2

As if we needed another Grown Ups movie. Honestly Adam Sandler, gone are the days when you can just put your name on anything and everyone will enjoy it, just because you’re in it. The viewers don’t care that you wanted to make another film with your cronies, it is not all about you.

2. After Earth

The trailers for this film made it look like it could be another fairly good Will Smith and son collaboration. Sadly After Earth did not deliver, ended up being slammed by critiques across the globe and is now being hailed as one of the worst films in 2013.

3. Movie 43

If you have veer seen this film, I feel sorry for you. I too sat through this two hour mess of sketch comedy that had an impressive line-up of stars,  it did not make me laugh and was honestly offensive to the human brain.

4 A Good Day to Die Hard

In 2013 Die Hard fans were gifted with yes, another Die Hard film. Bruce Willis just cannot get enough of this franchise, but the latest installment felt fake and forced.

5 The Lone Ranger

Another year another stereotypical role for Johnny Depp, this year he played the Lone Ranger’s eccentric side kick Tonto. The film has its average action/western film moments but honestly the lengthy film loses momentum after the first hour and there is still another whole hour and a half to sit through.

What do you think were the worst films in 2013?

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