What is the best way to find a new job in the new year? We have some tips to make sure your job finding skills are up to scratch.

The New Year is quickly approaching and many of you will be thinking about a new start in 2014.

Some may be contemplating  travel, others will be facing the New Year head on and there will be those looking for a brand new job.

So what are the best ways to find a job in 2014? The job market is becoming more competitive and some of the most basic positions can have thousands of applicants.

Follow these eight tips for job hunting and the only headache you will have in the New Year will be from the party the night before.

1. Where? When? What? How? Why?

So you have decided you have to start looking for a new job, start off by asking yourself these questions;

Where do I want to work? Do you want to move inter-state or stay close to home?

When do I want to work? Do you want to work on weekdays, weekends or a combination of both?

What area do I want to work in? Do you want to stay in the area you are currently in or branch out?

How can I get the necessary skills to work in this area or do I already have them?

Why am I leaving my current job? Think about what wasn’t working for you at your current job.

2. Make your own brand

When you have decided on you answers, start making a brand for yourself targeted at the area and jobs you want. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date.

3. Cover letter and resume

Refresh your resume and cover letter. It is best if your cover letter is aimed at each job for which you are applying, so make a basic one and add to it based on the position.

4. Use search tools

Use online search engines like seek.com.au and careerone.com.au to find available positions in your chosen field.

5. Check the papers

Some companies still list jobs in the paper so check  Job Listings regularly, you never know what you might find.

6. Use contacts 

Approach this tip with caution. If you know someone in the industry or company you want to work in, ask to have a coffee with them for advice. Don’t let people feel like you are using them. Maintain good relationships and help will come your way.

7. The Interview 

Make sure you are prepared for the interview. There is no use landing an interview then going to no effort to prepare. Read up on the position you are applying for, what are the companies aims? Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. Dress well and try to relax, take a copy of your resume with you just in case they ask for one, as well as any reference letters.

8. Follow up!
If you haven’t heard back from a company or business, give them a call to see if the position has been filled. Even ask what you can improve on for next time, it shows initiative and that you are willing to learn and improve.

Will you be looking for a job in 2014? What are your tips for job hunting?