According to the latest studies conducted by Linkedin and Seek, the technology savvy and carers were among the most in demand for 2013 and beyond.

Today finding a job can be challenging.  Everyone seems to have a degree, some people even have two, so what jobs are the most in demand?  Basically you have to love taking care of people, mining or have a special relationship with a keyboard to be in demand.

Let’s start with the linked in list of most desirable skill in 2013, you can view the full list here.

The number one skill is Social Media Marketing followed by mobile development, the list continues in this fashion with programming languages heavily featured as well as business related skills.

This really isn’t a surprise, everything is being developed or produced to appear on a phone, Facebook page or website. So the skills that are in demand are those of the programming, developing, Social Media kind.

In the U.S. there has also been a major push for everybody to learn code. Some big names are behind the Hour of Code campaign, including Ashton Kutcher, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerbeg. Check out the Hour of Code website for more information on the push for people across the globe to learn how to code and generate online content.

Seek  listed some jobs or areas of work that they consider to be the the Hot jobs of 2013 the list looked like this or you can view the whole list here;

1. Age and Disabled Care – projected to be the number one occupational group in terms of growth by 2016/17.

2. Child Care  – There will be more than 50,00 new child care jobs by 2016/17.

3. Community Services  – Flagged as the number one growth industry for employment in 2015/16.

4. Information Technology  – 11 per cent growth expected for Network Professionals and Web Developers.

5. Mining – Mining industry revenue predicted to increase by 36 per cent.

So if you are looking for a career change in the New Year, look at courses that incorporate any of these areas or alternatively check out casual employment which is booming this holidays.