How do you hunt for a bargain? We’ve identified some different types of shoppers and how to deal with them, find out which one you are and read our sales scouting tips.

The Boxing Day sales are great, but for some of us the crowds, the parking and just generally dealing with stressed out bargain hunters can be a little off-putting.

Now that the mayhem is over and the kids and even you other half are enjoying a movie, many people will be hitting the shops to catch any last minute deals before the new stock arrives and the prices go up.

But what type of shopper are you? What is the best way to score a deal?

There are three major types of shoppers that will be gracing the halls of many shopping centre this summer holidays, we’ve compiled a list of tips to identify what shopper you are, how to score the best deals and how to deal with your fellow sales chasers.


The Bargain Hunter

The most common shopper you will see in the post Boxing Day storm. You are a Bargain Hunter if you search for items based on price and bide you time until the right bargain appears.

The Bargain Hunter knows that loyalty is important and will have a collection of loyalty cards from a range of stores. They don’t discriminate when it comes to brands they simply search for the right price. For the Bargain Hunter it is all about value for money if the price is right then you will buy it, even if you save it for a rainy day or future use.

Sales Scouting tips: Don’t over buy and have mountains of items that you bought at a great price but don’t really need. Go for clothes, shoes and household items that will suit for the next season, not the following one.

Dealing with the Bargain Hunter: If you find yourself surrounded by bargain hunters it is best to make a bee-line for the one or two items you really want or need, don’t dilly-dally in the fragrance section because you want to try the latest scents. It’s all about grabbing the bargains on what you need before the Bargain Hunters snap them up first with impulse purchases.


The Screen Saver

The Screen Savers are becoming more and more popular as the years pass by. Screen Savers choose to use their phones, tablets, laptops and desktops to find the best deals.

Brands are generally important to the Screen Saver as they will have their favourite online stores bookmarked so they can get online and search the bargains with one click.

The Screen Saver is usually one step ahead of the trends in Australia as they generally buy a lot of their products from overseas.

Sales Scouting tip: Don’t be afraid to venture in store, they sometimes have better bargains than online. If you see an item you just must have, purchase it in a timely fashion before searching for something else, you don’t want to run the risk of it being sold out.

Dealing with the Screen Saver: You generally will not cross paths will Screen Savers these shoppers like the comfort of their own homes.


The Profit Prophet

If you are a Profit Prophet you are shopper who is serious about savings. You have a list of stores and items that you have to buy and you never stray from your plan.

You have been planning and preparing for the post-Christmas sales. You have a plan of attack and you intend to execute it with perfection, in and out in less than an hour.

You are signed up to every stores mailing list so you receive alerts on when the best bargains will be available.

Sales scouting tips: Sometimes it’s okay to go off book. If you see a 70 per cent off rack have a browse and you might find one of your items when you least expect it.

Dealing with a Profit Prophet: Just stay out of their way. These guys are serious about what they need and what sales they want, so it’s best to just let them do their thing.


Let us know what type of shopper you are.