If you are looking for a quick way to make some cash this holiday season try out casual employment.The number of casual positions available are spiking and there are plenty of opportunities in a range of industries.

Short on time but really need some extra cash for your holidays? A recent study shows casual positions are on the rise as retailers and businesses deal with the silly season.

The job hunting game is becoming more and more competitive. Internet sites that offer one click application processes and the ability to have a job hunter profile are becoming more popular.

OneShift is an employment site with a focus on short term casual employment and a recent study conducted by the site showed a notable spike in casual positions posted in December.

OneShift also posts the profiles of several people across Australia looking for work, pictures of each potential employee flicks through on the home screen.  This means restaurants, bars, cafes and retail outlets that need someone to help out on a shift, can look up a profile and potentially immediately get someone to fill a shift.

For instance some job seekers could just be called in to cover a shift on New Year’s Eve, one of the biggest nights of the year in hospitality.

There are also more permanent positions listed on the site in a range of industries. We have selected some of the positions posted for around Brisbane and listed them below. Employment awaits you, so have a look and see if there is anything that interests you, you might be surprised by what some people are looking for!


Cheerleading Instructor 


Breakfast Cook/Chef




Have you been employed as a casual ? Share with us your experiences below.

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