Don’t let the Grinch or any other thieves steal Christmas this year. Ensure Santa is the only one breaking and entering this Christmas by securing your home.

This time of year everyone has a multitude of presents in their homes, just waiting to be unwrapped on Christmas Day. This means the contents of our homes are far more valuable than any other time of year and unfortunately because of this thieves will be looking for any homes that are easy targets over the Christmas period.

Then there is the additional factor of the heat at Christmas time in Australia. Many Australians, in Queensland especially will be leaving windows and doors open in attempts to cool their homes down, but this makes it all the more easy for thieves to invade our homes and steal our Christmas cheer.

Acting Police, Fire and Emergency Services Minister Andrew Powell said home owners must be vigilant over the holiday period.

“No one wants to return home and discover their Christmas presents and other belongings have been taken by some opportunistic thief,” Mr Powell said,“When going on holidays or leaving the home or car, I urge all Queenslanders to lock up and be safe.”

Police Commissioner Ian Stewart had similar advice for home-owners over Christmas.

“We’re urging everyone to make sure your security screens, doors and windows are locked at all times, even when you are at home,” Commissioner Stewart said, “Small items such as cash, laptops, wallets and car keys are often left in plain view by the front door and are commonly targeted by thieves.”

Mr Stewart went on to warn families who are going away over the holidays.

“Every residence has the potential to be a target of a break and enter and it’s up to householders to ensure their property is not at risk by making it as difficult as possible to break in and arranging for a family member or friend to check your property if you are going to be away for an extended period.”

If you want to be certain your home isn’t an easy target to deter thieves we have some insight into technological solutions you can purchase to make your home more secure.

How will you be protecting your home and family this Christmas?