The roadworks at Cunningham’s Gap are now complete, meaning travelers can now drive to the Granite Belt and Stanthorpe without delays.

Need to travel south for Christmas or planning a cool country escape over the holidays to parts of New South Wales?

Well if you are headed towards Cunningham’s Gap and you’re worried about the road works that have been causing large delays, then worry no longer. The planned roadworks at Cunningham’s Gap are now complete and drivers should not experience anymore delays.

The roadworks were completed late last week and the State Government has ensured clear and safe access to Stanthorpe and the Granite Belt region just in time for Christmas.

Granite Belt Wine & Tourism Marketing Manager Sarah Reeves is glad the roads are now clear and safe for travelers.
“While businesses and travelers to and through the region have experienced some major delays over the past month, we are grateful that the inland road network that connects Sydney to Brisbane and all travel in between is now open without disruption.”

Ms Reeves also encourages drivers to now use the newly finished route.

“We hope that this provides alternate congestion free access for travelers between New South Wales and Queensland who would otherwise take the coastal route, especially with the extensive works underway along these highways,” she said.

This time of year the Granite Belt is a great place to visit as the temperature are on average 5 degrees lower than they are here in Brisbane. Plus there is an abundance of fresh produce, so if you interested in good fresh food or some tips on preserving and cooking the Granite Belt has a lot to offer.

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Have you driven along Cunningham’s Gap recently? Are the roads safe and clear?