On Christmas Day clean as you go and avoid being drowned in wrapping paper.

When the kids start unwrapping on Christmas Day it is hard to make them stop! Before you know it the whole living room is covered in wrapping paper, packaging and Christmas cards.

Kids being kids, they will also need to play with their toys right then and there and the wrapping paper eventually becomes mixed in with the Lego, Barbies and Dad’s new fishing gear.

Then everyone is expecting brunch and you are left to not only prepare all the food but clean up the abundance of mess through the house.  Why not wheel a sizable bin into the unwrapping area and make throwing away rubbish a game? Here is five tips to make cleaning as you go as smooth as possible on Christmas Day.

1.  Decorate

Decorating the Christmas day bin is the perfect activity to keep the kids busy on Christmas Eve, you can buy a large bin or box from the cheap shop and let the kids at it or even let them decorate one of the bins you have at home. Grab some tinsel, stickers or if you don’t mind the mess paint and glitter and let the kids decorate the bin so it is a beacon of Christmas fun.

2. Reduce, re-use, recycle

Make two bins so you can have one for paper and things to throw away and the other for things you would like to or need to keep. Some things like cards, special wrapping paper, ribbons and important toy warranties, you will want to keep separate so you don’t run the risk of throwing them away. Plus now is the time to separate what things you can put in the recycling bin and what needs to go in the general bin. For the full details of what goes into each bin, head to the Brisbane City Council website. 

3. Be prepared

Make sure the bins  are  positioned and ready to go as soon as the unwrapping begins, if the bin isn’t there it won’t be used and all the kid’s creativity will be for nothing. You can even allocate someone as bin person so if any pieces of wrapping do miss the bin then they can stay on top of the mess.

4. Maintain order (or at least try to)

Decide an unwrapping order – are the kids going to go first or will each person have a turn? Perhaps appoint one person to distribute gifts from under the tree one by one. If there is an order everyone can enjoy people unwrapping their gifts, plus the mess making is spread out over the morning making it easier to clean as you go and stay on top of the paper situation.

5.  Bin day

After Christmas Day all the bins will be full so make sure you are aware of when you next bin day is and what bins are being collected. General waste bins( red, black or green lids)  are collected week;y, recycle bins (yellow lid) are collected fortnightly and green waste bins (lime green lid) are collected fortnightly. Head to the Bin Collection Calender to find out when you street will have its bins collected after Christmas Day.


Do you have some great tips for cleaning as you go on Christmas Day?